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Afshin Mehin

Name: Afshin Mehin
Instagram: wokestudio

Afshin Mehin is the founder of WOKE, a creative studio specializing in product experiences that blur the boundaries between our digital and physical lives. He believes that technology, when designed with care, can enable people to live happier and healthier lives. Afshin’s approach to design involves merging compelling insights, considered interactions and iconic forms to create emotional designs. Prior to founding WOKE, Afshin worked for other studios such as IDEO, BarberOsgerby, Terence Conran as well as the M.I.T. Media Lab. He has been responsible for designing iconic products and interactions for companies such as Lululemon, Amazon, LG, Renault as well as the 2012 London Olympics.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?: 
Quiet mornings, no distractions, a clean workspace and an opportunity to explore.

What is your greatest extravagance?: 
Being able to travel without much planning. I love the fact that we live in a time in history when you can jump on a plane and be in another country with very little time and effort.

Which talent would you most like to have?: 
More focus. It seems like everyone is constantly competing for our attention which makes it hard to just concentrate on one thing.

What is your favorite occupation?: 
Writers and Astrophysicists - I love writers because they are able to create amazingly complex worlds with their words and I love Astrophysicists because they can drill down to some of the universal truths of the universe.

What is your most marked characteristic?: 

What do you most value in your friends?: 
Optimism and Honesty.

Who are your favorite writers?: 
Zadie Smith and William Gibson - I love Zadie for her ability to depict the richness of our contemporary multicultural cities and I love William Gibson for his ability to completely predict how technology will shape human life.

Who are your heroes in real life?: 
I've always been inspired by Rei Kawakubo for her creative spirit. I've also been inspired by people like Tony Fadell who've been able to create design driven technology companies. I'd love for Rei Kawakubo and Tony Fadell to start a company together!

What is it that you most dislike?: 
Absolutes - that is black and whites, I think living in the grey areas is more interesting.