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Triennale Milano

Founded in 1933, La Triennale di Milano was conceived to be the apex where art, industry, and politics converged. Some of the greatest minds of the time, including Ponti and Sironi, have been part of the institution. Now under Stefano Boeri’s governance, La Triennale challenges the traditional definition of what it is to be a cultural centre; instead of a staid institution that has no connection to modern society, La Triennale is a place of reflection and debate, connected with the contemporary culture in a dynamic way that offers new points of view on topics that lie at the very core of our global society.

Based in Pallazzo dell’Arte, La Triennale presents host of exhibitions, performances and installations throughout the year. It is the only Italian cultural institution with its own performing arts centre, Teatro dell’Arte, which hosts prestigious international programmes. In 2019, La Triennale will unveil a permanent collection of Italian design curated by Joseph Grima.

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Birdsong, Khaled Malas, Salim Al Kadi, Alfred Tarazi, and Jana Traboulsi of Sigil with Aamer Ibrahim, Emad Madah, and the Fateh Moudarres Center for Art and Culture. 2019.jpg
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Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni RR 126 1965 Brionvega- © Triennale Milano - foto Gianluca Di Ioia.jpg